Word from the President

Since its inception 10 years ago, the Cameroon Business Patronage Movement (E.CAM) has made it its main mission to strengthen the place of small and medium-sized enterprises at the heart of society, in order to enable Cameroon's more inclusive and sustainable economic development. This desire to bring together and create business opportunities in interaction with public and private institutions, development partners, has manifested itself all these years with actions whose only ambition is the development of the company in general and the SME-TPE in particular. We can cite some of these actions that marked this commitment:

  • Ongoing advocacy for SMEs with the Cameroonian government and various national and international institutions
  • 04 SMEEXCHANGE Editions, a major international SME fair
  • 02 Editions of the Grand Prize for Innovation that have helped to prime and support several innovative startups
  • Afterwork Business, Business Hours, E.Training meetings that are bi-monthly training, information and networking meetings between SME leaders and professional executives around topics with a strong impact on development and growth of their activities
  • Economic missions, business meetings between Cameroonian and foreign business leaders
  • Several partnership agreements signed with various organisations (banks, universities, international employers' organisations, government institutions, large companies, high-level experts, etc.) for better support of member companies and supporters of the movement
  • The creation of a women's section called E.CAM AU FEMININ for a better defence of women entrepreneurs with a single motto "Unity is strength"
  • Opening up to the diaspora with a proactive approach to supporting entrepreneurs who are members of the Diaspora
  • The mentoring of innovative project owners and startups with the mission of realizing their aspirations at the national and international level

However, the work of defending the interests of SMEs remains great and it is together that we can achieve our growth and development objectives for viable and sustainable businesses.

You who are business leaders, SME-TPE bosses, business project owners, based in Cameroon or abroad, who need to grow your business in confidence; you who are private sector players and who have the interest of SMEs as the focus; You know that only synergy can have the best results for all,

We invite you to join E.CAM as a member or partner.

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