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On 29 September 2018, the second edition of the "Entrepreneurship Day" VKII e.V., the Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists of Germany, was held in the city of Berlin. The theme of the conference was "Migrant entrepreneurs in the service of development assistance" – with a particular focus on Germany and Cameroon, especially in the fields of education, financial technologies (fintech) and business incubators.

The event was tenuous in parallel and in the same place as that of the Association of Cameroonian Physicians and Pharmacists of Germany (Camfomedics e.V.) and was sponsored just like last year, largely by the Centre for Migration (ciM), a German government agency for cooperation. As with the previous edition, in 2017.

This event brought together, at the Mercure MOA Hotel in Berlin, a hundred people, students, workers and entrepreneurs from various disciplines, members and supporters of the VKII, and many others, around the various themes to the order of the day.

After the welcome from Mr Narcisse Bonomak, President of the VKII section of Berlin, Mr Steve Kommogne, VKII President was able to review the 2017 edition of the event and the leitmotif of this initiative: "Development assistance for Africa by the entrepreneurship of Africandiaspora."

Through this event, VKII wishes to once again highlight the potential of Cameroonian and African entrepreneurs in the diaspora and the important role they can play in the development of their home countries. It is also about helping and inspiring participants (students and young professionals) in the creation of businesses, both in Cameroon (Africa) and Germany (Europe), in order to promote and boost the creation of wealth and the transfer of to know about Africa. These contributions have focused this year in the fields of education, financial technologies (fintech) and business incubators, as already mentioned above.

With regard to the theme of education, the emphasis was on the personal development needed by young people and future entrepreneurs to succeed, particularly in the context of business start-ups in Cameroon (Africa). On the other hand were invited entrepreneurs, who in the field of education, have developed business ideas in Africa, and thus play an important role in the transfer of technology and knowledge. This was the case, among other things, with the "Impact Academy" initiative of Mr. Phanuel Tchomgig, Mr. Simplice Ndago, CEO of SellNow-Marketing and the company AKH Consulting, with whom VKII organizes a Mentoring and training program for young entrepreneurs, in this regard personal development.

Two training centres in Cameroon, set up by Cameroonian engineers in Germany, were able to present their know-how. It is the KTC Center (a training centre in the field of COMPUTER science based in Yaounde), represented by Mr. Steve Biapan and the welding training center of the association "AVHS e.V. ».

With regard to financial technologies, interest has been focused on the tools for sending funds or transferring money from the African diaspora to Africa. This can be used as a tool to promote and support business creation in Africa. The key moment of this part of the programme was the presentation of the Safi Money platform represented by Dr. Ghislain Mouil Syl, created by Cameroonian engineers in Germany. The so-called digital platform is a solution for financial services and money transfers for Africa and emerging countr
ies.Mr. Jerry Cheambe, CEO of Maviance (based in both Germany and Cameroon) was also able to present his new tool in fintech, for taxi orders and payment in Cameroon.

In the business incubator part, structures that serve as incubators and support for African companies have intervened. Ms. Miranda Oben was able to present the Returnees Inc. project, as well as (the program of) their next fair in December 2018 in D
ouala.M. Alexandre Sipua also presented his services for Cameroonian entrepreneurs with a view to participating in the next Promote fair in February 2019 in Yaound
e.In the register of the upcoming fairs for entrepreneurs of the diaspora, Mr. Yannick Guetse of the Bantu Development Initiative, has raised awareness about its next German-Cameroon fair, the sygercam, to be held in June 2019 in Cameroon.

Under this part of the programme, we also had the presence of the employers' group "Enterprise of Cameroon" (ECAM), the largest group for SMEs in Cameroon, represented by Brigitte Moumy (representative of the group in Europe) from France. Also among our guests is MedX Ehealth Center, a digital hospital that aims to revolutionize the quality of care in emerging countries, represented by its CEO Patricia Monthe, who came specially from the Netherlands. In a joint session between VKII and Camfomedics (engineers and doctors), Ms. Monthe was able to present a new tool ("chatbot" or virtual assistant) to manage health emergencies in times of crisis and war. A tool that can currently be (of great importance) for crisis areas in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general. The su
rprise guest of this part of the program, In the person of Mr. Marc Mbiateuk, presented his company Afrobridge, which plays the role of facilitator and accompanist in obtaining VISA to Africa, for African entrepreneurs in the diaspora.

To end the day, the ICD (International Migration Centre) had the opportunity to present its Migration for Development Programme. With this program that encourages business ideas for development in Cameroon and Africa, ICD recognizes the potential of entrepreneurs from the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany, whose project ideas and business plan it funds.Mr.
Romeo Nwansi, former German who started his company in Cameroon through this program was able to share his personal experience, oh so interesting for the assistance.

VKII is very pleased with the holding of this new edition of its Entrepreneurship Day, including all the synergies that have been boosted, with the participants, partners and entrepreneurs present; Entrepreneurs and partners, who as in the 2017 edition are also members of the association. Many new partnerships and projects are planned, with them, in the key areas and themes of this conference (Education, fintech and business incubations), with the ultimate aim of creating this business ecosystem, necessary between Cameroonian and African diaspora, but also and above all to become a major player in the development of our countries of origin.

The event ended in the evening with a networking dinner with camfomedics colleagues. With Ms. Miranda Oben as the moderator and as a special guest, Dr. Akuma Saningong.

The VKII office would particularly like to thank the organising committee, based in the city of Berlin, as well as its partners and sponsors.

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